Our Clients.

Cultural. Visionary. Mindful. Boundless. Creative. Bold. Vulnerable. 


We are inspired by brands who embrace fear to discover what lies on the other side.

We are inspired by brands who are culturally conscious and interested in paving unknown territory. 

We are inspired by brands who push the status quo and move the cultural dial. 



How We Do It.

We create content you crave.
We establish connections with audiences. We evolve as you evolve.


We all want something we can lose ourselves in and for us, that is your brand story. We aim to tell your brand story with your audience evoking emotion and inspiring action.

We all want deeper connection. We tell your story through imagery and messaging linked to your brand story. We create real connections between you and your audience.

Change is the only constant in our lives. By allowing space for change, we keep your audiences coming back through evolving storylines and messaging, allowing both brands and their audiences to grow together.



Our Culture.

Story is king. Quality over quantity. Respect the process. Self-care.

Upperstate places story above all else. Our process is to first discover your Brand’s own unique story and allow that to define everything else from Creative Direction to the Marketing Strategy.

We are a culture of curation. We believe and stand behind the quality of our work in everything we do. We work with Brands we believe in and love which ignites a collaborative culture.

We work hard to provide the best springboards possible for our creatives to dive off of. We encourage our collaborators and creators to find your own unique methods that work best for them.

We encourage self care. We believe that in order to do your best work, first you have to make your bed.

Let’s play together: hello@upperstate.tv