Temp to Perm

SHORT FILM — written & directed by JOSEPH MARCONI


"Amy Huckabay is incredible. She's on a tightrope, and her swinging on the dark side is totally plausible, because we somewhat can tell she's more complex than just a desperate Hollywood wolf."

~ Elisabeth Sancey

What begins as a seemingly benign interview for the position of “temp-to-perm,” Jane is subjected to an increasingly bizarre series of questions and demands as we learn just how far she's willing to go for gainful employment. The film begins by examining the dehumanizing behavior lauded in offices spaces but then takes a turn into the absurd tabloid demands placed on actresses.

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written & directed by Joseph Marconi
executive produced by Jaclyn Iavarone, April V. Marconi, Omar Parker
cinematography by Kenneth Bauer
original music by Jason Lowrie
production design by Matthew Rumer
starring Amy Huckabay, Mischa Garver, Tim Peper, Jason Lowrie, Elliot Hans, Caroline Gottlieb and Tara Karsian


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